Warmly celebrate the 100 underwear in Ziyu, Suiyang County, Guizhou new store grand opening

100 women's underwear since its inception, the country's franchise stores continue to surge. This is due to a woman 100 excellent product quality and price of the people, the market position has become increasingly apparent! Recently, a woman 100 in Zunyi Suiyang County, Guizhou new store finally opened! It marks another big step forward for women 100 in entering the Southwest market.


Women 100 joint Shenzhen well-known planning company, my company franchisee tailored to the local market with actual combat experience annual sales promotion program, once a week small activities, a major event in January, the headquarters to provide programs, promotional specials and gifts , Take turns bombing the market, not only improve your sales, but also conducive to combat your competitors, so you become the market monopoly.


My company is in a stage of development, the company pursues the quality of franchisees, not the pursuit of quantity, as long as the customer as long as the customer loyalty to my brand, fully cooperate with the company's business management, our company from the policy, free of charge franchise fee, full delivery container and Cashier system, giving some products and advertising, the latter part of the company also sent supervision and promotion team on a regular basis, when the customer performance standards, as well as cash awards, increasing customer profit margins, so you want to earn how you earn!

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