Tiger Hanyini brand children's clothing store in Xinjiang Hotan grand opening

Warmly celebrate the tiger Yonago brand children's clothing store in Hetian, Xinjiang grand opening! Give you a surprise constantly! Founded in September 1995 as a historic city in China and a fashionable capital of Humen Town, Dongguan City, Dongguan Tiger Fashion Co., Ltd., a predecessor of Thai Fashion Clothing Co., Ltd., is a company that specializes in product development, production and marketing management Professional children's wear business. Tiger Hanyini brand children's clothing store opened in Xinjiang Hotan Dongguan Tiger Hanyini Garments Co., Ltd. under the famous brand - "Tiger Hanyini," targeted consumer groups targeted at 3 to 15 years of imaginative and expressive, the pursuit of fashion, health Fashionable children of life. The main market is for the domestic mid-range consumer market, the marketing target market is based on the domestic second-tier cities, we will also actively promote the construction of the flagship store in the domestic first-tier cities, "tiger wanny" product prices located in mid-range, spring and summer 49 -269, autumn and winter wear 69-599. Main products include T-shirts, jackets, pants, skirts, cotton, jeans, sportswear, fashion casual shoes, leisure bags, jewelry and so on. Adapt to the current domestic 95% of the regional and urban sales. "Tiger Hanyini" brand children's wear to "environmental protection, health, fashion, personality," for the purpose of welcoming customers at home and abroad to join. Affiliate support 1, support for goods: mature product design research and development capabilities, to provide timely and franchisee, "Tiger Hanyini" brand products; 2, business guidance: head office to provide stores, shop store system management training, including : Personnel training, sales skills, display, shopping guide skills, inventory management, etc .; 3, service support: efficient marketing and tracking company headquarters and convenient logistics and distribution support; 4, image support: Franchisee to provide image design support and opening planning guidance; 5, promotion support: head office to provide programmatic advertising support and stage promotion programs to enhance brand awareness, to promote franchisee performance growth; 6, shelf support: The actual operating area of ​​different and head office shelves support policy, enjoy the head office shelves input costs up to 100% of the support; 7, material support: the company to provide free sales point of the season POP posters, hanging flags and other advertising materials ; Join Hotline:/13712725916 Contact: Mr. Ma QQ: Website: ni.com

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