Three effective search engine marketing solutions

[China Glass Network] Three effective solutions for search engines:

First, soft text

Soft texts don't have to say a lot of headaches, but this is a very simple question. The method of choosing a soft text is two points. To learn these two points, you need to find a more effective soft text.

1. Baidu search project keywords or long tail keywords, here to pay attention to the search for long tail keywords when those "good, better" to remove, such as Qingdao wedding photography that home shooting? I changed to Qingdao wedding photography photography how to shoot. Turn a question question into a descriptive answer. Then look for the top ranked portals and record them.

Search Engine Marketing Solution 2. Why are the portals we found just records not immediately? Because we have to do the next step in the analysis of these portals is mainly one point:

The content of this portal is included quickly, and whether the snapshot can be updated frequently after the inclusion. Learning is here, in general, a good soft text will update the new snapshot with the update, this article will occupy a good ranking for a long time. Then you have to look at any article on this portal to vote for? When is the snapshot of this content?

Writing soft texts is effective but it is also a very headache. You have to understand and write about the industry yourself.

Second, the question and answer platform

This is not necessary to say more, everyone knows how much the Q&A occupies the search engine rankings. Q&A requires skill, not just a link to leave a link. You have to ask a question from the customer's point of view and answer it carefully. When customers try a search engine to find a product, they will look for some effects on the efficacy, side effects, efficacy and so on. So when you ask questions and answers, you should also pay attention to some long-tailed keywords that are not too eye-catching. Although these keywords have few opportunities to be searched, it is also a good way to get a wide variety of books.

Third, classification information

Similar to the Q&A platform, it simply turns the question answer into a direct product description. Describe a product is very simple, how good this product is, how good the product is, customers care more than that. If you want to sell a product, you must have enough knowledge of this product. You can't start to do it yourself.

With these free resources, we will build a lot of long tail keywords in a period of time. What's important is that these keywords are ranked very well. Search engine marketing doesn't just look at the keywords of your website itself, how good the ranking of long tail keywords is. As long as it can reach your target website through search engines, we can use it, and the method is far more than three points. It can take up to a month for a website to make a long-tail keyword for a few million pages. With some high-weight platforms, we may only need one morning or even an hour. Therefore, everyone who is doing marketing, we will come together to broaden our own thinking to get a high return in a more effective and shorter time.

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