These black jewels do not invite black but instead bless (figure)

Bai Fumei is loved, and some people like black. This is not in the jewelry industry, there are so many, the more black, the more people like it!



In "Song of Ice and Fire", obsidian is called "Dragon Crystal", a kind of metal that can kill different ghosts, and this point coincides with the evil spirit function of obsidian itself. As a kind of volcanic glass, obsidian is quiet in color, even if it is bright under the light, the beads are still black; and the rainbow eye, or the meteorite, is the aristocrat in the Obsidian family, and its status is more noble.


Black tourmaline

Tourmaline is a powerful electrical gemstone that contains a lot of material and releases a lot of energy to the outside world, among which the black tourmaline is the strongest. In particular, Black Tourmaline is best at absorbing negative energy and wearing it in the right hand can eliminate people's negative emotions and regain health.


Black Onyx

Black agate is a heterogeneous agate, with a noble texture, and black onyx symbolizes perseverance. It has been used as an evil spirit and amulet since ancient times, symbolizing friendly love and hope. Long-term wear can make the skin smooth and cheerful. In addition, black agate is also called the stone of longevity, with the effect of promoting happiness and prosperity. Can recruit good luck. Helps relieve stress. Strengthen courage and courage. Reduce suffocation, suffocation and depression. You can also bounce all the negative energy such as black magic and curse back to the original applicator.


Mo Cui

In the mining area of ​​northern Burma, the hometown of Emerald, there is a black jade named "Mo Cui", which is called "the shadow of a lover" or "the shadow of a successful man" in Myanmar. It is called "the shadow of a lover" because it is like the black and beautiful hair of the heavenly fairies recorded in the Buddhist scriptures. Under normal light, it is black and shiny, but it shines under the strong light. The magical dark green color, so this dreamy color is likened to the beautiful shadow of the man's heart - the shadow of the lover, very beautiful.



Jade can raise people, this is true, people who wear jade jewelry for a long time, their physical condition is relatively better. Moyu (Mo Cui) is a kind of jade. Moyu has a high health value. Its function and effect also have great effects on the human body. For example, the minerals contained in it can relax the muscles and promote the circulation of the human body; The B, S elements and other compounds in the ink jade have the effect of sterilization and itching. It is a gemstone that is excellent for the body.



"Poisonous drugs are treated inside, and meteorites are used to cure them. Acupuncture and moxibustion is one of them." Meteorite has been a medical stone in China since ancient times. It can cure many medical diseases with its scraping, and it is very effective for cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases, and wears meteorites. It is also the best green health method.

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