The world is discounting our moving hearts

After an autumn rain, pour out the heat of the past, many hot mom opened the closet when the season began to change clothes for the baby and trouble. In the pursuit of individuality, a van of the moment, young people more and more sensitive to the fashion aesthetic, and promotion of tide hot mom them in the pursuit of children's clothing more ... ... How cool in the early winter season, Let your Meng Bao more tide more Fashion? In FolliFollie fashion kingdom, you can certainly find the type of match. There is always a reason why you love Folli Follie Every child is a color and each child's life is a color aesthetics. Innovative interpretation of your fashion imagination with your character, so that the world a good season, the fashion story still continue to dare to create product differentiation, to avoid blindly follow the crowd, dare to show their own dare to refuse the pursuit of exaggerated expression , More of these clothing fine classification, showing a sensory stimulation in front of everyone is a wave of faith adhering to the international trend of expressionist pursuit of bold colors and details of the perfect abandon the increasingly impetuous old style to create Children's paradigm do not burst models, to fashion burst table [FolliFollie] - taste and trendy mix and match fashion coffee international tide brand an irreplaceable one, is committed to creating a model of influx of young children. Not long ago, FolliFollie children's wear held in China tide brand launching ceremony. This show is not only the influx of people, but also showcasing FolliFollie tide brand spirit, began to re-shape themselves to the trend of the pioneer's freehand style extraordinary, high-profile hollow brand young, attitude, emphasize the new image. For example, in the details of the design, designers to create fruit graffiti and color geometry, tribute to the modern trend of high street, the pondering elements and the art of painting into the perfect design. At the same time, using a strong color contrast and high-profile collision profile, to show the unique temperament will have a unique understanding of fashion and modernity. Smart woman will not only invest themselves, but also invest the next generation, wear out the range of children, we must have their own strong style, here, we will be able to find the type of match your baby.

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