The main means to acquire multi-brand strategy in the merger industry

The main means to acquire multi-brand strategy in the merger industry In the process of becoming bigger and stronger, the multi-brand strategy has become the same choice for everyone, both internationally and domestically.

Internationally, the most typical example is the world's most famous fashion retail group lvmh. The group currently has more than 50 brands, covering a wide range of fields including wine, fashion and leather products, perfumes and cosmetics, watches and jewelry, and boutique retail. Taking the fashion brand as an example, the world's fashion brands are madly pursuing a series of big names - louisvuitton, loewe, celine, kenzo, givenchy, marcjacobs, fendi, etc. all from the lvmh group.

In the domestic apparel industry, the trend of multi-brands has intensified in the past five years, especially after 2010. The nine men’s listed companies that have paid attention to this issue have already embarked on the multi-brand road, which is the best proof. And they are just the best microcosm of many brands in China that are pursuing multi-brand trends.

From 9 menswear enterprises to achieve multi-brand approach, more diverse.

The first is self-creation, represented by Youngor and seven wolves. They rely on their own main brand accumulation, industrial chain and other aspects of resource advantages, re-group, create a new brand.

The second is to seek extensive international cooperation and agency, represented by Shanshan shares, Annunciation, Canudi Road. Based on their own main brands, they have to expand new consumer groups, enrich brand camps, or cooperate with foreign companies (such as Shanshanguchi's cooperation with Japan's Itochu Corporation), or conduct international brand agency on their own.

The third is the acquisition of mergers and acquisitions through the use of capital forces. In the case of ample corporate cash flow, the acquisition of a target brand is a relatively quick and widely used method.

From a global perspective, it is an important means to complete the multi-brand layout by acquiring capital through mergers and acquisitions. Also taking the lvmh group as an example, its numerous brands such as loewe, marc jacobs, fendi, Givenchy, Sephora, and donnakaran are acquired. According to the consulting company alacrastore data, from 1987 to the present, lvmh conducted approximately 62 acquisitions, in addition to holding approximately 74 companies.

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