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First-class taste, reliable quality, affordable price, the latest women to join , the preferred choice of Hunan Connaught clothing brand. "Integrity management, service-oriented", Xianguo efforts to create a brand of women with high customer satisfaction leader, is your choice to enter the women's clothing industry a reliable choice!


As a youth fashion brand promoting urban new romantic life, Xiangnuo is positioned as a young group of young people aged from 18 to 40. Rich models, beautiful colors, details of the delicate, highlighting the spirit of human freedom. Combination of strong laminated with law, so that the taste of young girls to enjoy.

最新女装加盟  首选湘诺服饰品牌

Brand Shixuan Advocating a stylish, natural, elegant, casual design style, with a wonderful idea, exquisite tailoring, superior fabrics, showing their own personality, charming flashing fashion and confidence style.

Cashmere wool overcoat fabric is derived from high-grade double woven fabrics. Wool fabrics are made of high quality natural fabrics such as cashmere, wool, rabbit hair, etc. The overall feel is delicate, lubricating, compact, straightforward and elastic, and the color is gorgeous, colorful, suitable for different age levels. The value of cashmere wool coat's double-sided fabrics lies in the super-good handle, thin two layers of cashmere fabrics sewed together, but can not find any combination of sewing, because it can not be machine composite, can only be sewn by hand one needle one line, which determines that each cashmere wool coat is unique.

Cashmere Coat

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