Tao Di 2012 new children's clothing creative personality happy childhood

With the introduction of major children's clothing 2012 summer new children's clothing, 2012 summer children's clothing popular features which are no longer a mystery. Amoy Di 2012 summer children's clothing popular in the theme with previous years, although not much change, but in the mainstream trend derived from the brand's unique design style, personality and creativity is the highlight of this summer. Today, along with Xiaobian come to feel the Amoy Di 2012 summer children's wear fashion it. Sea, mysterious and vast, mysterious and impermanent, all the sea is the source of inspiration for designers, antique galleon printing, popular surf elements in the fashion industry, bizarre sea pattern, making children's clothing design more styling, highlighting childhood Personality. This summer, with the infiltration of other popular elements, children's wear more an element of lively and funny, details such as washed suede fabric, bags of pants, etc., are the same with the popular elements of adult fashion. To floral, polka dots, folds, lace and other children-oriented elements, the children's innocence cute portrayed most vividly. Popular style of the design is extremely stress on the endoplasmic, the simple modeling lines, three-dimensional cut and material texture inherent in the perfect combination of exquisite and changing sewing skills to product design creativity to the extreme, simple and classic to create the perfect Fairy tale world, to bring children fresh and natural feelings.

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