Talk about brand clothing store visual marketing, look at gold medalist "Xie Ping" costume change method of artistic experience

As a fashionista, do you realize that you are attracted to the store? So willing to spend a lot of money? When you wander aimlessly, a pocketed window design will guide you towards the shop. Hanging on the shelves of the clothes seem full of tidal range, colorful, stacked in the island's fashion products appear to be harmonious and orderly, so that customers tire of one piece try on, fashion men's shop display division, a group of well versed in art Also know how visual marketing store beautification division! All this is the ultimate factor that contributes to customer spending. Prince password chief display division "Xie Ping. SHEP" talk about shop visual marketing experience. Chief display division "Xie Ping. SHEP", at the age of 25, work rush in the shop, a variety of large men's T show will find her presence, has a strong interest in the arts, she was studying in Asia, St. Martin College has revealed its fashion apparel has a unique way of understanding, in the display of work are often whimsy, the pursuit of different, refused to drift showcase, Xie Ping, when the company training newcomers said: "a Only art, do not understand the marketing of the display division is not a qualified display division! Combination of art and marketing, seemingly superficial, but in reality is the process of rational and emotional collision. "Usually, choose to do the display, in addition to Like outside, have a strong interest in the arts, with marketing ideas, such an exhibition division, can be regarded as a qualified display division. Abroad, clothing display has a history of more than 100 years, but in China, the display work for most people is very strange, but behind the rich marketing knowledge can not be summed up in one sentence. It is understood that the world-renowned luxury department store marketing and design experience shows that: a classic display design, consumers tend to be more likely to produce perceptual consumption. Xie Ping's display of heart and soul has reached a blaze of purity. Prince password as a fashion men's brand of a dark horse, with such a group of young fashion, full of creative gold medal team, the store's daily sales performance has played a crucial role in the design of the brand shop quarter series of clothes Display, from different perspectives on the visual layout of the clothing layout, to ensure the overall beauty of the store display art, enhance customer experience and interactive goods close to enhance the image of the customer in the eyes of customers, so that customers and fashion products resonate, which Is the work of brand display division. A group of excellent display division, a group of creative artists, not only the beautiful beauty of the goods, but also convey to consumers the brand's inherent culture, always bustling in the shop, front-line sales of the scene; they are stylish Narrator, because the prince password, passing the dream of youth.