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Hangzhou step Sinni Garments Co., Ltd. sole agent British classic brand "BUSINE" apparel products in the Chinese market development, production, sales and management. The company mainly through the franchisee and self-service network in the form of a combination of professional brand marketing model established in the internal management of the introduction of international advanced apparel industry management mechanism. We advocate enthusiasm, dedication, efficient work and friendly, competitive, teamwork, steady progress and coordinated development. Stepini join the policy 1, franchisees, franchise chain opened stores, shopping malls counters (shop, cabinet location and size are required) 2, product strategy: fashion business casual men's style, part of the traditional British classic Pattern applications (such as plaid pattern) 3, the price strategy: high-end products in the mid-range prices, high-end products targeted at the high price. Provide product price competitiveness! 4, channel strategy: brand competition that is terminal competition. To a class of cities II. Three types of shopping malls, two types of shopping malls, two types of shopping malls, three types of shopping malls in the main city, supported by stores. 5, store image strategy: high-end store image positioning, sales and mid-range products.

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