Show Bei children's clothing 2013 spring and summer to send women the most intimate "38" gift

" Show Beier " brand women's spring and summer 2013 clothing, knitted suit, woven suit mainly fabrics mainly cotton, modal fiber, silk, linen and other natural materials, using three-dimensional Juanhua, patch embroidery, Hand-painted and other practices, reflecting the elegant, soft, romantic, sophisticated style. Reasonable brand price by many women's favorite, today is the women's festival, show Bei children womens females holiday happy Oh.


Seemingly cluttered colors are unparalleled Mix out of clothing skills, over the pink, mature atmosphere of the green and similar print-like renderings make this dress looks stylish atmosphere.

秀蓓儿女装2013春夏上新 送女性最贴心的“三八”礼物

Fresh light yellow is a light touch of spring and summer, a small floral pattern on the sleeves and a suit of trousers and a small floral border formed against the background, with high-heeled fish shoes, elegant filling all.

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