Seven kiss apparel stationed in Bengbu insisted important city layout

Seven kisses apparel in Anhui market bigger and stronger makes the brand in the development of the region is also clearer ideas. Ma'anshan, Fuyang, Huaiyuan, Wuhe, Tongling and other shops have opened sales to maintain a good trend, on the basis of insisting that the layout of major cities is imperative. Bengbu, one of the three central cities in Anhui Province and the lifeline of economy, is a large-scale regional center mainly built by the province. In recent years, Bengbu has driven the core growth pole of the rise of Anhui and Anhui. Seven Baptist costumes Bupu store opening soon, I believe it will be full of life, personality, spirit, there are connotation of the face in Bengbu, a local business district a touch of gorgeous glory. Look forward to more people of insight to join the seven kiss dress.

Seven kisses tribute to all who insist on their dreams, loyal to the mission!


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