Ruby selection method


The selection of rubies can be considered from the following aspects:

1 Size: The larger the ruby ​​particle size, the higher the price, depending on your economic situation.

2 colors: There are many colors of ruby, the best dark red, followed by red with purple, followed by dark pink, purple, slightly brown, and others like brownish red. Blackish red, very light pink is a poor ruby. In addition, when viewing the ruby ​​from the table top, it should be seen that only one color is the best. If other colors are visible, the orientation of the ruby ​​is not correct.

3 Fire: the ruby ​​of the ruby, the color of the ruby ​​front under the illumination of the light source is essentially a reflection of the transparency, cut, and even the color of the ruby. A good ruby ​​is when turning the ruby ​​gently. (The table faces the self) It can be seen that there are many small red "flame" flickers inside, and for high-quality rubies, the fire color should account for more than 55% of the entire crown.

4 Cracks: Since the cracks of rubies are more common, when selecting, try to pick rubies with less cracks and fine, especially not to pick cracks through the center of rubies. The ruby ​​can be placed against the light when purchased. If possible, the crack can be easily seen in the ruby ​​with the aid of a magnifying glass.

5 Star Ruby: Star Ruby, in addition to color, also requires the star line to be clear, bright, straight, Samsung line at the center of the gem.

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