Pointed high heels essential fat women's favorite stovepipe shoes

Ben Wang News on December 7, summed up the most popular shoes this season, is a few words - "no waterproof platform pointed high heels." Used with trousers, mini skirts, coats, no matter what the lower half wears, or don't wear, just a pair of pointed high heels can help transform into a fashion icon. And the pointed high-heeled shoes also have the magic of stretching the leg lines, which is not a kaleidean is its loyal fans.

Kim Kardashian's black hollow dress is small and sexy. She outlines a sexy gourd-shaped figure, and the pointed high-heeled shoes are slim while allowing the aura to double.

Gold-Kai Susan white suit neutral style, gorgeous necklace and pointed high heels increase the retro temperament.

Gold - Kardashian Super V Veneer top mix and match black leather pants fall unstoppable, gold pointed T high heels modern luxury.

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