PAGE ONE brand men teach you to interpret the city Variety Style

PAGE ONE Peggy men will be consumer groups located in the 25-35 yearning and have a high grade, high-quality upstart family. They have their own unique ideas and taste, know how to enjoy and the pursuit of a fashionable lifestyle. They are independent and advocate freedom. They are optimistic about their life attitude. They are responsible and responsible for their work, have the courage to accept the challenge, and are keen on pursuing the image of an international urban elite. Business fashion, mainly in the details of the exquisite craftsmanship, selection of high-quality fabric performing low-key noble, all show a stylish, elegant, atmospheric, introverted and steady men's qualities, and the current mainstream men's dress, "elegant, comfortable, atmospheric" Fit. Urban leisure, daily life experience, emphasis on self-cultivation cut, comfortable fabrics, outline of leisure, to create a busy city life, relaxed, comfortable and comfortable wearing experience. Which will fully reflect its self-confidence, wisdom and charm, the male personality and charm of the interpretation of the most incisive.

Surfing Wetsuits focus on flexibility, waterproof and warm. Surfers surf in all seasons, so they will choose different thickness and different configuration of wetsuit according to different seasonal climate. In the summer, rashguard top and thinner wetsuit is most popular for surfers choosing. In the winter, thicker wetsuit will be choosed and the thermal linning and sealed will be asked to keep warm. Unlike diving activities, surfing is a activity on the water. There is no high requirement for the resistance of the pressure of seawater. The elasticity and warmth performance are extremely important.

Surfing Wetsuits

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