Only give a courageous person an investment opportunity to join [Taihe Women]

In the multimedia era, the television network is pushing you with all kinds of simple but seductive projects to get rich and fortune all the time, all the while driving the unwilling mediocre heart. However, investment should be cautious, how to find a project with a small risk of high returns, which is undoubtedly the mystery of the world, try to join too ! Taihe provide you with a strong behind the support, to avoid your worries.

太和 - TAHAN

1. Renovation problems annoying? do not worry. The company unified decoration program, renderings and plans to provide free of charge, as well as other related drawings, to ensure that all franchisee shop image uniform. Let you worry and effort when the boss.

2. First time shop in full swing? do not worry. The company will send professionals to guide the opening, including trainers, merchandise display, shop related procedures, sales skills, product knowledge and a series of content, so that through-train service.

3. Worried about no business after the store opened? do not worry. The Company will design a variety of advertising planning programs including quarterly advertising brochures to assist in the design of relevant advertisements, DMs, coupons and the like to increase the visibility of the local market brand and deliver planned and targeted quarterly Local magazine ads and print ads.

只给有魄力的人一次投资加盟机会【太和女装】 只给有魄力的人一次投资加盟机会【太和女装】

4. follow-up management how to do? do not worry. The company will assign professional operational supervision to help you solve all problems, including the daily management of the franchise stores. In addition to ordering guidance, the company will assist the franchisees in analyzing the local market trends, liaising in the transfer business, helping customers to establish VIP customer profiles and Guide the operation of the store; not regularly visit the franchise stores, on-site training and guidance, thereby enhancing performance.

So humane joining service, what are you waiting for? Success belongs to early action and dare to act, an investment to you may benefit for life!

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