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Moonstone has always been regarded as a gift from the moon god to human beings, with mysterious and irresistible power. The surface of the moonstone is a bit like a misty glass, and it is very light and translucent. Due to the reflection of light in the internal structure, the albite in the interlayer emits an attractive color, mysterious and romantic luster, full of aura like moonlight.


Legend has it that when the moon is full, wearing a moonstone can meet a good lover; it can attract a romantic love like a moonlight. Therefore, the moonstone is called "Lover Stone", which allows men and women to discover their own yin and yang sides and achieve balance. Moonstone is a symbol of friendship and love, and is the best gift for love.


Beautiful legend about moonstone

More than three hundred years ago, Emperor Akbar unified India to achieve the grandeur of the Mughal dynasty. The Bollywood movie "Imperial Rose", which is called the epic master of India, truly restores the unique ambitions of the 16th century. Even the subtle quarters are re-enacted, even the emperor's jewels are no exception. I don't know if you have discovered that the jewels worn by Akbar the Great and his beloved Princess of the Pearls are so different. The whole series of gems are arranged in a patchwork manner. The gorgeous and complex shapes are noble but not extravagant. What is striking is that the jewels are like the condensed atmosphere of the moon, and the pieces are smashed into a piece of quiet and mysterious power, creating a sacred and inviolable royal temperament.

This is the holy stone in the legend of India with the power of the moon, from the sacred spirit of the Adara Mountains in Switzerland - Moonstone. It is also known as the "Lover Stone", the legendary full moon night, wearing the moonstone can meet the most perfect lover. The perfection of a lover is untested, but it is indeed considered to be the best gift for love.


Moonstone, if you have never seen it, and you hear such a romantic and romantic name, you must not imagine the degree of this nickname. When the light hits the gemstone, gently turning the gem will produce a faint glimpse of the moonlight. Light and thin like a flap of water, the cold is shocking to heaven! You will understand this at this time. Its name: Moonstone Moonstone, in the most appropriate way, describes how the gemstone stays in the natural beauty of a moonlight.

Diamonds, jade, and red and blue treasures are famous, and moonstone is no exception. As one of the seven gemstone families, the Changshi family is definitely a famous and famous family in the gem family tree. Sunlight stone, labradorite, Tianhe stone and moonstone are all purely in the celestial celestial scorpion. The moonstone, no matter the quality or character, is undoubtedly the most outstanding son of the Changshi family.

In the United States, the Indians regard the moonstone as a "sacred stone" and a commemorative gem for the thirteenth anniversary of marriage. For girls, long-term wear of moonstone can improve temperament from the inside out, making the manner elegant and calm.

The Indians used the moonstone as a holy stone, and the ancient Greeks and Romans were more convinced that the moonstone was full of powerful power at the full moon. It is said that the moonstone is made of white gold as the ring to maximize its energy. Moonstone is also one of the most lovable of all gems, and it can enhance the sixth inspiration. It is also known as the "stone of lovers", which makes the two happy and happy. There are many other nicknames - because they can strengthen the ability to predict the future, called "the stone of prophecy and perspective", because it can protect foreign travelers, also known as "the stone of travellers."


Where is the moonlight?

Why is there only such a breathtaking "moonlight beauty" in Moonstone? Its secret is that it has a dual character. Moonstone is a kind of feldspar and is an aluminosilicate of sodium and potassium. It is a layered mineral with two layers. The two layers interact with each other to scatter light, and the cleavage interferes with or interferes with light. The combined result can produce a moonlight effect, so it is called moonstone and has a high grade. Moonstone has a drifting blue light, and a few moonstones have a cat's eye effect.


Moonstone has a beautiful silver and light blue smudge and is used as a gem. Moonstone English name is MOONSTONE, literal translation is moonstone. Because it tends to be milky white, translucent with a light blue halo, as if the moonlight is clear after the rain in March, hence the name moonstone. For centuries, the gentle halo of moonstone, also known as ice feldspar, has been produced by the interference of diffuse reflection of light by some fine albite twin-chips in syenite. Moonstone is one of the favorite gems. People believe that it can arouse the gentle enthusiasm of the sweetheart. Together with the pearl and the stone, it is the lucky stone of the birth of the June, symbolizing wealth and longevity. It is also the lucky stone of Scorpio from November 3 to November 13.


Moonstone emits pink fluorescence under short-wave UV radiation, while there is no or only weak fluorescence under long-wave UV. There is blue or violet blue fluorescence under x-rays. There are many gemstones that have a moonlight effect in nature, but they can only be called moonstones when the feldspar minerals have this effect. Other gemstones cannot use the moonstone name even if they have a moonlight effect.

Native moonstones are produced in special veins and pegmatite veins, but are valuable from sand mines and weathered layers. Important places of origin: Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Brazil, Madagascar, the United States, Australia. China's Inner Mongolia is also produced.


The most beautiful moonstone classification

What color is the most beautiful moonlight in your heart? Melancholy blue? Bright and sweet yellow? Or is it pure and white? No matter which one you love, you can find the heart in the moonstone. The base color of moonstone is most common from colorless and transparent to white, and there are yellow, green or dark brown. The color of the last month's halo may be white or brilliance, or silvery white or light yellow. According to the moonstone layering The feldspar minerals are different and vary.

Quiet blue moonlight.

The blue symbolizes calmness, reason, and accuracy, and gives a quiet and broad atmosphere. The blue moonlight with a transparent background with a blue moonlight is the highest value of the moonstone.


Yellow stands for wisdom, imagination, creativity, joy, and softness. The yellow moonstone is a warm and bright mood, second only to the blue moonlight.


White is synonymous with purity, purity, and sacredness, and the total is closely related to the sacred conception. Although the value is not high in the color of the moonlight, it is the favorite of the best woman who has a good heart at many moments.

The effect and role of moonstone

1. Lose weight, sleep, beauty, attracting different performances to change people's eating habits, to achieve weight loss. It can help people fall asleep, improve their skin, have a cosmetic effect, and is also a kind of love stone. Helps attract the opposite sex. Enhance mutual understanding between the couple and make the relationship more harmonious, happy and happy.

2. Moonstone said: Newborn gems, as the name implies, are closely related to the moon's intuition. Moonstone has the best effect when worn at full moon, which can enhance people's perception and supernatural power. Emotionally, Moonstone is said to have a deep emotional treatment function, which can improve emotional intelligence, calm the fluctuations of emotions, and restore calm to the heart. Moonstone helps the digestive system and reproductive system, helps nutrient absorption, resolves toxins, eliminates fluid retention, and alleviates skin, hair, eyes, and degradation of fleshy organs such as the liver and pancreas. It is especially beneficial for women who are pregnant, productive, and breastfeeding.


3. Moonstone can also prevent sleepwalking. Also known as "the stone of lovers", moonstone, moonstone. The moonstone is crystal clear because of the feldspar crystal. Due to the light reflection in the internal structure, the albite in the interlayer emits attractive color and flashes a faint blue color. It is named after the moonlight filled with aura under the quiet night. The moonstone is mostly milky white, translucent with a light blue halo, the surface is a bit like a misty glass, delicate and soft, and the light transmission is quite strong.

4. It is said that it is effective for the prevention of cancer, and it can prevent diseases such as edema, and it acts on the solar plexus corresponding to the sun wheel. When the sun wheel is opened, it will cause pain, but it can make people more aware of themselves, for women. The endocrine system has a balanced effect to improve fertility, and has a soothing effect on physiological pain, but it is usually worn, and it should not be worn during the normal physiological period.


5. Love gemstones add softness, gentleness and brilliance to attract love. It exudes a romantic atmosphere and is the best token of sentiment. Can make feelings blend again and attract partners.

6. Fresh thinking helps brain thinking, psychic, and helps clear thinking. Feel the beauty of the moonlight.

7. Characters are staunch, violent, impulsive, and work like a desperate friend, should wear to reconcile personality.


8. If a female friend's personality is too straightforward, speech, behavior, and manners are often too abrupt, not suitable for occasions, atmosphere, it is recommended to wear moonstone jewelry, improve the temperament from the inside out, to bring a calm manner, and an elegant attitude .

9. Put the moonstone under the pillow to help people sleep peacefully, have a good night's sleep, and get a full rest.

10. The soft moonstone exudes a romantic atmosphere, which is the best thing for lovers to exchange and exchange.

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