Mommy Star four major children's wear children's clothing to lead the fashion trend

Spring 2012 to the market, Mummy's Star 2012 flagship children's style and style are displayed in front of consumers across the country. Here, Mommy Star Xiaobian to introduce you to its intrinsic meaning and characteristics, Mummy's Star Children's wear four series of themes: compose tower movement, childhood dream flying, Locke Kingdom's memory, Imagine the ocean dream. Write the movement of the tower: Lady style: fresh, elegant features. This series quotes the combination of form and meaning of the Eiffel Tower throughout the entire series. Girl mainly use the tower shape and crafts embellishment to highlight the lovely, elegant sense of girl clothing; boys mainly use the combination of musical instruments and stripes to show the tower's connotation, green, yellow use, but also highlight the clothing fresh, a Sexy; the whole series is designed to re-write the Eiffel Tower of the art movement, he passed to each childhood dream. Dream flying childhood hippie style: lively and cute features "childhood is a paper plane, not too much load, but full of freedom with the dream of flying." This series is mainly blue, purple-based, the use of aircraft, bowknot pattern to shape the meaning, the process mainly use glue sand dot printing, water paste printing, appliqué embroidery, thread embroidery and other practices, the sense of lively clothes A sense of space is revealed to express a childhood dream of flying freely in a carefree, naive and happy country. Locke Kingdom's memory Ruili style: sweet, elegant features This series describes the court aristocratic life. Girl's clothing mainly uses sweet pink, cherry red, and flowers as printed, embroidered and three-dimensional flowers throughout the entire series, the fabric has also joined the soft velvet, adding a dynamic and lively clothing; boys with gray, black Explain the classic, add cherry red is to give a visual impact, added some personality for the classic, the boy in the fabric as the main elements of the grid, the pattern using patch embroidery, printing and other modifications; the overall outstanding childrens innocence There are a few old memories, just as Locke's life will always have beautiful memories. Imagine the dream of the ocean Concise style: simple, crisp features The series focuses on nautical elements, bringing the freshness of the sea breeze with nostalgic blue and white hues; red and sky blue tones inspired by the ocean, adding to the nautical style Freshness. Simple lines, clean cut is more prominent in the sea freedom of navigation; such as anchors, sailing patterns, stripes and wave dot embellishment, but also adds to the clothing of lively and imaginative sense of space, so that childhood Dreams of free sailing in the vast ocean. Dongguan Ju Cheng Fashion Co., Ltd. Children's clothing brand: Mammy's star Contact: Development Department Tel: Fax: Address: Shijie Town, Dongguan City, Southwest Management District, the second industrial zone Official Website:

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