MO&Co. Moian Women's official website released: MO & Co. Moian Women's Women's Fall 2014 New Product Series LOOKBOOK (1)

MO & Co. Moian Women's Fashion Week 2014 new fashion trends released, simple and fashionable fashion equipment.

MO&Co. Moian Women's official website released: MO & Co. Moian Women's Women's Fall 2014 New Product Series LOOKBOOK (1)

MO&Co., a boutique fashion brand, was born in 2004. It has been a highly-regarded mainstream fashion brand with its distinctive and innovative concept, unique personality design and tailoring. Good at using natural materials, restrained cuts, and unique details of modern French style with a feminine interpretation. Through nostalgia and contemporary art, we connect art and fashion with passionate creativity. In Art, Coutur Stereostructuralism finds all creative inspiration. The entire line of products, from costume furs to accessories, is very rich and diversified, providing a fun mix and match for the pursuit of perfection and innocent metropolitan women.

Brand Style

ORIGINAL STYLE—original personality. We are constantly looking for inspiration in the classic legends of the past era and creating new trends with a keen sense of touch. In this era of changing trends and extraordinary creative times, fashion is more than a symbol of fashion trends, but more of a personality. MO&Co. advocates personalized expressions, continuously explores creative ideas, provides diverse choices full of experimental fun, and creates personalized

Trend style.

CONTEMPORARY NEUTRAL - Modern and neutral. In this personalized age, self-confidence, sensibility, and indecision have increasingly become the rules of conduct of modern women. Joining the masculine men's elements and tailoring becomes an indispensable style for MO & Co., and modern and neutral beauty is careless. Build a sense of power.

OFF BOUNDARY - Break the established. In the concept of MO&Co., there are new ideas, creativity, and surprises. The thinking and creation that do not follow the original direction are determined as fashion. Breaking the established fashion theory, with unrestrained vision and unbalanced visual techniques, beyond the conventional contrast and proportion, bold and innovative hit color. . . . . To create a new fashion look and fashion dress style, interpretation of the unique style of MO & Co.

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