Langzi Group or acquisition of South Korea's "Acapang" brand apparel

AGABANG & COMPANY was founded in 1979, taking the No. 1 position in Korea's infants and children's apparel market. It is reported that South Korea's largest baby clothing brand "AGABANG" was acquired by Chinese companies. The report said that the reason for the acquisition was that the continuous decline in the birth rate in South Korea led to a shrinking market in South Korea. At the same time, Chinese companies have aggressively acquired outstanding Korean companies.

Reported that South Korea AGABANG & COMPANY recently announced that it has signed a contract, the founder and also the largest shareholder of Jin Xu, president of 15.3% (427.2 million shares held at 7500 won (about 45 yuan) price (a total of about 190 million yuan) sold to Chinese garment enterprises Lancy LIME FASHION KOREA Korean subsidiary of the Group. After the shares were acquired, Jin Xu's shares were reduced to 2% and LIME FASHION KOREA became the largest shareholder in Arbon.

"AGABANG & COMPANY" was founded in 1979, occupy the first place in South Korea's infant and child products market. According to insiders in South Korea, the main reason for Acacia's acquisition by Chinese companies is the low birth rate in South Korea. The birth rate in South Korea dropped from 9.6 ‰ in 2012 to 8.6 ‰, which is not only the lowest since South Korea began demographics in 1970 but also the lowest among OECD member countries. Affected by this, AGABANG & COMPANY's marketing interests dropped sharply from 9.5 billion won in 2011 to 3.9 billion won last year, with a loss of 9 billion won (about 94 million won) in the first half of this year.

It is reported that Langzi Group in the Chinese women's market has a strong marketing network, known in South Korea, Acapun is very interested. Reported that at present China gradually relax the family planning policy is expected to be very likely to lead the development of infant and child products market.

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