Lady Street, No. 19, she is a kind of art (Figure)

No.19 Garden Street, a brand owned by Star City International (Hong Kong) Industrial Group Co., Ltd., embodies the daring and lively personality of the individual women. Avant-garde mashups and gorgeous colors show the personality of young and trendy women from many angles. The "self-worship" concept of life into which reflect the new new human life-loving, independent and free attitude to life, as well as unlimited creativity and vitality. Europe and South Korea will mix and match the popular art play most vividly. NO.19 GardenStreet brand exudes the charm of youth, filled with colorful, multi-angle flashes of youth and longing for a mature style, a mysterious inner beauty! They are persistent in their dreams! Pay for love! Contemplation of women's charm!

Aoshen® Colorful Spandex fabric is elastane yarn which has pastel luster. Colorful spandex fabric that the color can keep long time, and will never fade.

Colorful SpandexColorful Spandex

Key technical of Exclusive color paste and painting process for spandex were developed by utilizing environmental-friendly and nontoxic paints and dispersants. Meanwhile, by improving the equipment and technical process, realized the industrial production of colorful spandex. Colorful spandex can help to simplify dyeing procedures, reduce production cost, does good to energy conservation and emission reduction, health and environmental-protection.

Colorful SpandexColorful SpandexColorful Spandex


1. This series of product have pastel luster, pure color and colors can be customized.

2. The phenomenon of white exposed by spandex in dark fabrics can be eliminated thoroughly.

3. The color fastness reaches a high class and the color can keep long time, and never fade.

4. The rate of solvent residue is low and the pains used are environmental-friendly, nontoxic and healthful.



Widely applied to knitting, weaving and covering.


Colorful Spandex

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