Kang Lui underwear brand June 1 Hunan Shao shop grand opening

Into the June and a half, it seems that for the beginning of the month began to slowly forget. As a well-known underwear brand " Kang Lu Ni, " June 1 Hunan Shao shop grand opening. Although the time has passed for a half months, but the new atmosphere of the new store, still for the Kang Lui Ni store delivers unlimited positive energy. Now, just follow Xiaobian's shot to see the new store.


Pink and blue balloons spliced ​​into colored arches, the store also has their presence, it seems welcome to buy the same. In the new store display different color underwear series, of course, there will be pajamas, swimwear and so on. With the new store opening and the Dragon Boat Festival just around the corner, discounts are on the way and local consumers can take advantage of their leisure time to buy summer underwear.


Shenzhen Kang Lui underwear Clothing Co., Ltd. was formally established in 2009, meticulous commitment to the brand chain Monopoly mode of operation of the promotion. After more than four years of development, the company has mastered the advanced management, research and development and production system with more than 1,000 employees and the underwear chain system has reached a certain scale. Today, Kang Lanyi underwear brand to step up efforts to optimize internal management, enhance brand content, increase brand awareness, etc., to break through the 500 flagship store and work hard.


If you have certain intentions for the Kang Lui ni underwear, you can now leave a message, the brand companies will be the first time to contact you to negotiate to join the matter. The second half of 2015, Kang Lanyi underwear brand is looking forward to meet you ......

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