Jia Xuan personality women summer dress Sen cotton system with

There is a kind of happiness called conquest, there is a feeling called journey, there is a season called summer, there is a beautiful summer dream.

佳暄个性女装夏日森系装扮 棉麻搭配

F15FA270 stitching loose dress

Long section of the dress, simple lines with rotator cuffs, very comfortable and casual, H-line skirt type, was thin superior results. No sense of restraint, very comfortable to wear. Deep V neckline to maximize the beautify the neck lines, piercing the woman's cute style in the hot summer.

佳暄个性女装夏日森系装扮 棉麻搭配

F15FA345 Salt profile cutout dress

In the long section of the dress, big V collar falling rotator cuff and patch exaggerated visual effects, H-type straight skirt version, a very good modification to the waist and hip lines, high waist line splicing to enhance the waist line of sight, Contrast the slender leg lines.

佳暄个性女装夏日森系装扮 棉麻搭配

F15FB281 zipper top

Silkworm structure outline to create a relaxed and comfortable clothing feeling, you can naturally thin without the abdomen, waist slightly heavy volume makes this can also wear a short paragraph feeling.

佳暄个性女装夏日森系装扮 棉麻搭配

F15FA309 suit dress

Straight H-type dress, the former V-neck and big body straight lines of micro A word effect can be well modified to the overall figure, high waist overlapping stitching to enhance the waist line of sight, contrary to the leg line will Very long, thin effect is very good.

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