Jade intelligence YQER lovers installed professional and technical support franchisee interests

" YQER jade love child " is one of the leisure brands under the super-city company. Its cling to the fashion, generous novel design, value for money products, accurate market positioning, access to the vast number of consumers, as one of the famous casual wear brand, couple leisure brand pioneer success!

玉情儿YQER情侣装 专业技术保障加盟商利益

Behind the success of "Jade Love", it integrates a complete set of franchised monopoly technical support and perfect operation support services. Spend huge sums of money invited to the forefront of the century Enterprise Management Consultants Limited and other large training companies from time to time training, spare no effort to create a quality team, through these high-quality talent management system, set up a human resources management, retail professional services training, Store image design and display, professional marketing, store operations support, monopoly market development, product co-ordination and other departments, in every aspect of the operation to join the partners to provide professional support to make their investment funds to reduce the risk of business, earn Take a considerable return.

玉情儿YQER情侣装 专业技术保障加盟商利益

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