Innovative gifts favored

Innovative gifts favored "Yangzhou Memories" debuted the other day and set off an upsurge in the listing of innovative crafts. It is a craft gift box that contains 5 gifts including the essence of Yangzhou eight strange, red lacquer bottle, wooden seal, jade Ruyi, Yangzhou paper-cut, etc. It was warmly welcomed by visitors as soon as it was launched.

“Our exhibition has had an effect year in and year out. Not only does the exhibition show exquisite craftsmanship and craft gifts increase, but also the enterprises and institutions attending the exhibition are responsible for the increase in the number. In particular, we are pleased that the orders we received have increased significantly. "Come on this," said Chen Fuquan, general manager of Gongmei Building. "It also gives us confidence that Yangzhou's craft is still very marketable, especially in the gift market."

It is understood that this year's show has added many innovative craft gifts and introduced 13 series and 85 new varieties. This "Yangzhou Memories", which was jointly launched by the Arts and Crafts Group and Yangzhou Guangling Ancient Engraving Co., Ltd., was the first episode. It introduced some elegant and beautiful literary works of Yangzhou's old business and Yangzhou's literati. In addition, the exhibition also introduced a combination of the process of Fujian Dehua ceramics, into the Yangzhou City Huaxuan Yao, Qionghua elements of nearly 400 pieces (sets) of exquisite gifts.

Yangzhou Lacquerware Factory has developed more than 20 pieces of travel souvenirs and personalized gifts. The new series of flat-milled snail crafts combined with solid wood furniture suite of lacquer furniture has been widely accepted by the market. The jewellery produced by the Yangzhou Jadeware Factory, including the “Dragon’s World”, “Ji Qing You Yu”, “Biplane Flying”, Moyu “Chopsticks”, Agate Handle Pieces, Jasper Ruyi, Bracelets and other celebration gifts, has also been recognized by the market.

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