HQ-Pattein logo women's brand and Hunan Xinhua Liu cooperation successfully entered Friends of A Shimao Square

HQ-Pattein logo women's brand and the cooperation of Miss Liu Xinhua Hunan successfully stationed in the Friends of A Shimao Square. Wish the new store opened!

图案 - HQ Pattein

HQPattein-patterned women's brand in the nine years of development, through continuous self-improvement, customers and consumers get the praise. Direct companies to join, the municipal agency, the provincial agency mode of operation, continue to expand the market in the country, the existing sales network has been radiation over 20 provinces and cities nationwide. Has successfully developed a number of agents and more than 150 high-quality franchise stores and more than 30 outlets. And created a single shop in 2013 the lowest monthly sales of 45,000 to the highest monthly sales of 450,000 better sales. Companies adhering to the guidelines from the raw materials, design, production, technology, warehousing and after-sales service and to join the review of strict control to ensure the development of a successful guiding ideology, and strive to steady competition in the highly competitive market, with 5 years to HQPattein- Womenswear into a domestic high-end brand. Let the brand value, so that pattern value-added.

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