How to identify fake glass water

[China Glass Net] Automotive glass water is generally divided into 0°C glass water used in summer and -20°C and -35°C glass water used in winter. The main function is to effectively clean dust and stains on the windshield of the car and quickly remove it. Shellac, bird droppings, grease, cream, etc.

Although the price of glass water is not expensive, but fakes are rampant, how to choose the right quality glass water?

First, in order to correctly choose automotive glass water, we must first understand the difference between good and bad automotive glass water.

1, high quality automotive glass water:

It is a glass water for vehicles made of deionized water and various environmentally friendly additives. It has functions such as decontamination, water flooding, antifreeze, antistatic and anticorrosion. It can effectively remove dust, lubricating oil, gasoline and diesel, residual glazing wax, gum, bird cockroaches, shellac on highways, etc. The rainwater on the windshield can be quickly dispersed to prevent the driver from being obscured by the windshield during heavy rain. It can neutralize the electric charge generated by the friction between the windshield and the wiper and the air, enhance the conductive effect on the surface of the glass, resist static electricity, prevent the charge from adsorbing dirt and affect the visual field.

2, PH value is always neutral , does not contain all kinds of metal ions, does not have any corrosive effect on automotive paint, rubber, various metals. A protective film can be formed on the windshield to make the automobile glass more clear and transparent, no corrosion to the paint surface of the automobile, and no swelling effect on the rubber.

3, poor quality glass water will often appear precipitation, discoloration, odor and other conditions.

Because the alcohol content contained in it is too high, it will have an adverse effect on the paint surface of the car, damage the gloss and hardness of the paint surface of the car, and will cause swelling and dissolution of the rubber parts and plastic parts to be contacted, and reduce the hardness of these parts. And produce color differences. Since the glass water of the automobile will flow to the air inlet near the air conditioner after cleaning the glass, the volatile smell of the glass water will enter the cab along the ventilation duct of the automobile air conditioner, and the mildewed glass water and the glass water made of inferior chemical raw materials. The harmful odor that is volatilized will become an invisible killer that harms the health of the owner.

Second, how to identify low-cost fake glass water?

The winter temperature is low, the windshield glass of the car is easy to freeze, in order not to affect the line of sight to ensure the safety of driving, people began to buy glass water for protection, but there is a lot of glass water in the market can not really achieve the effect of its publicity, then the Everyone introduces the five functions and principles of how to identify high-quality glass water and glass water, and hopes to provide convenience for your safe travel.

1. The richer the foam of glass water, the stronger the decontamination ability.

When you buy glass water, you must first shake it a few times to see if the foam is rich, because the more foam, the more active agent it contains. Of course, the foam is not the determining condition for judging the quality of the glass water. It must be determined whether the foam is fine or not. The foamed glass water contains an anionic surfactant which is more environmentally friendly. If the glass water has a lot of foam and is too large, it means glass water. The environmental protection is poor.

2, antifreeze performance

The antifreeze performance of glass water is very important, especially for the colder weather in the north. If the antifreeze performance of the glass water is not good, it will affect the safety hazard of the sight line. First, the price of the glass water is purchased. Must go to the regular store to buy, in general, the price of regular glass water is more than 20 yuan. In addition, it is better to ask the professional and technical personnel to check with the testing equipment after the purchase to the 4S shop, so that it is safer and safer to use.

3, see the viscosity of the liquid

Glass water acts as a kind of anti-corrosion and lubrication for the rubber wiper. The more viscous it is, the more active ingredients it contains. Usually, when we buy, we can first pour the bottle to see the speed of the bubble rising inside, if the rise is slower, it is more viscous. In addition, you can also feel it by hand, which is more intuitive.

4, anti-fog function

High-quality glass water will form a monolayer on the surface of the glass, which can effectively avoid the fog on the windshield glass. The general glass water does not have this function, and it will be painted on the windshield glass, which is more fuzzy.

5, see if the glass water has impurities

To see if the glass water has deteriorated, it is more convenient to invert the bottle to see if there is any sediment or impurities inside. The high-quality glass water should be crystal clear. If there are flocculent objects, the glass water has deteriorated. Better not to use it.

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