How can I solve the problem if the bracelet can't be taken?


How can I solve the problem that the bracelet that I often wear on my hand can't get it? This problem is very common in life. Some people get fat because of pregnancy or other reasons, so that the bracelet worn on the hand can't be taken down, and the wrist is very uncomfortable. At this time, many people used brute force to try to pull the bracelet down, but this method is not very useful, and it is very likely to hurt your wrist or break the bracelet. The following small series teaches you how to take a bracelet. When you encounter this problem next time, you can try these methods.

Method 1: Use soap

Everyone knows that the soap on the hand will make the hand very lubricious. When the long-wearing bracelet can't be taken down, you can try it with soap, first wet the hand and then put the soap on the back and forth. Wipe it a few times to lubricate the entire wrist and hand, then try to remove the bracelet from your wrist. If the hand is not particularly serious, you will find that you can easily remove the bracelet from your hand with a little effort and a small hand.


Method 2: Use plastic wrap

The plastic wrap used in life is also a very useful tool to remove the bracelet. You can use a clean plastic wrap to cover your hands, but put the bracelet outside the wrap and then hold the cling film on your hand. Remove the bracelet with a little effort. If this is still a little difficult, you can now apply some slippery liquid such as conditioner to the wrap and try to remove the bracelet. In addition, edible oils, candles and other items that are common in life can increase the degree of lubrication. Applying on the edge of the hand or bracelet can help you remove the difficult bracelet.

Of course, these tips are simple to operate, but the effects are limited. If the above aspects still do not work, you should never use brute force. If the bracelet is really uncomfortable, or has affected the blood of your hands. If you are unblocked, you should seek medical help immediately.

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