Home textile knowledge: use a memory pillow to be appropriate

It is reported that the reporter visited a number of shops and found that all the introductions related to the memory pillow are almost gods, it seems that as long as you sleep with this pillow can cure all diseases. Some merchants are known as "astronauts" in order to promote the memory pillow. I spent more than a thousand yuan to buy a pillow. It took less than half a year to be as hard as a stone. The business explained that it was caused by poor sleep posture. Recently, some citizens have reported to the 114 hotline of this newspaper that the memory pillow bought at a high price has not improved the cervical vertebra, but has caused many stiff necks.

In the investigation, the reporter found that there are many kinds of memory pillows in the Shanghai market, claiming to “prevent cervical spondylitis, hypertension, reduce snoring, regulate endocrine...”, and wrote more than twenty articles in the column of efficacy. However, due to the lack of relevant judging standards, consumers can't identify the quality when they buy, and often spend a lot of money. What they buy is a sponge pillow with a cost of only tens of yuan.

The doctor reminded the use of memory pillows to properly engage in traditional Chinese medicine research for more than ten years. Dr. Yu Kaiming told reporters that the memory pillows mostly use the neck shape to play the role of the seventh section of the cervical vertebra buffer, so that the user feels the protection of the cervical spine. However, since the shape of the memory pillow usually requires the neck to be 2 to 3 cm higher than the head, and the position of the height is close to the root of the head and neck, the height of this part is sensitive to the user and has an influence on the neck. Very big. This level will be more or less changed due to the user's own body shape, sleeping posture, softness and hardness of the mattress.

"Even if there is only a deviation of 1 cm, the user will feel uncomfortable and even have side effects." Yu Kaiming said that he had consulted a patient with stiff cervical spine. The reason is probably due to the memory pillow being too high. "With the neck-shaped memory pillow, we must carefully examine the height of the pillow." Yu Kaiming suggested that when choosing a memory pillow, the user must pay attention to make it fully match the height of his head and neck.

The reader experienced a memory pillow that was as hard as a stone for eight hours of work time, at least six hours of motion to the computer. Miss Shen, who has been in the business for more than eight years, always feels dizzy and has a tingling sensation from time to time. Upon examination at the hospital, the doctor's diagnosis was "cervical vertebral inflammation."

In order to strengthen the normal maintenance, Miss Shen intends to buy a pair of memory pillows. In the mall, a pillow that claims to use space nanotechnology is very common. It is just a little harder than a sponge. I bought a pair of pillows for 1288 yuan, and Miss Shen was hesitant. The clerk repeatedly emphasized the magical effect on cervical spondylitis, and Miss Shen bought it with a bite.

I didn't expect to use it for less than half a year. The pillow began to harden. I originally pressed the pillow with a sponge texture. Now I use the force to press it and it is only a little concave. I can't get the so-called memory pillow function. "The cervical spondylitis has not improved much, and the number of stiffenings has increased." Holding this pair of hard-stone pillows, Miss Shen said with annoyance.

Miss Shen found the merchant who sold the pillow. The clerk even said in an understatement that "it may be that your sleeping posture is not good, and the memory function is destroyed." Sleeping is of course casual, is it necessary to keep a certain posture? The explanation of the merchant made Miss Shen difficult to accept. After many communication, Miss Shen changed a pair of new memory pillows, but in her heart, she lost confidence in this "high-tech" product.

"This taste doesn't know how long it will take a few days to disappear." Mr. Liu, who bought a bamboo fiber memory pillow in a shop called Eco Products last week, told reporters that his wife had just detected pregnancy, Mr. Liu. Specifically bought her a memory pillow that claims to have multiple effects.

Who knows that after the pillow is delivered, it smells a strong rubber smell when you open the box. The seller explained that the new product is like this, because it is placed in the warehouse, it will be no problem if it is blown for two days.

But on the window sill for a whole two days, the taste of the pillow still did not completely dissipate. Considering the health of his wife, Mr. Liu finally gave up the idea of ​​letting her use this pillow.

What is the effect of the market survey price difference of dozens of times such a high price pillow? The reporter visited a number of shopping malls, and almost all of the home stores have sold such pillows with "high-tech" content.

"Miss, our pillow is patented and can prevent a variety of diseases." In a shopping mall in Nanjing East Road, a clerk saw a reporter looking at the various memory pillows placed on the bed, and immediately came forward to say. According to the clerk, his pillow is made of nanotechnology and can be adjusted automatically according to the neck of the person. Seeing that the reporter was very interested in the pillow, the clerk took out an advertisement and enthusiastically introduced: "Our home textile pillow has won many national patents, not only preventing phlegm, preventing cervical spondylitis, preventing asthma, but also regulating endocrine, having beauty. The effect." The clerk said that this pillow is currently being promoted, the original price of 1688 yuan a pair, now only 788 yuan.

In the Caoan Road textile market, the reporter saw that there are also many merchants selling memory pillows. The appearance is not different from the pillows in the big shopping malls, but the price is several times or even dozens of times. Here, a boss of Yang has been doing pillow business for more than ten years. He told reporters that the memory pillow uses a material called memory cotton, but not all sponges can be called memory cotton, and there is a certain standard. Some of the memory pillows sold on the market today are ordinary sponges, but the quality is good or bad. As for the price, the sponge is known.

In the industry, Mr. Sun, a 28-year-old chemical agent, has worked in Shanghai, the first company to produce and sell memory pillows. He introduced that memory foam was first developed in the 1960s by a subsidiary of NASA. Research and development is an open cell structure with the characteristics of warm and decompression. When the human body touches the material, it senses the temperature of the human body, gradually becomes soft, and at the same time absorbs the pressure, thereby adjusting the human body to the most comfortable posture.

At the earliest, memory foam was mostly used in the aviation industry, and it was gradually promoted and applied to the family, and the memory pillow came into being. "Good memory pillows have the characteristics of reducing head and neck pressure, reducing the possibility of stiff neck, avoiding leakage of the shoulders, and inhibiting mold growth." Mr. Sun said, "But many domestic manufacturers use materials that are not memory foam, and most of them are sponge plus chemical additives. Not only does it not play a role in health care, but it is harmful to the human body."

To determine whether a memory pillow is a quality product, one of the most important criteria is to look at its rebound time. A good rebound time is about 3 to 5 seconds. The rebound time is determined by the material, and density is the basic standard for slow rebound materials. In general, the density of the memory pillow should be 70D-100D (ie, the weight of a cubic meter of memory foam is 70-100 kg). There is a density of 130D-150D on the market, which is almost unrealistic for pure polyurethane manufacturers. The only possibility is to add other things, such as talcum powder.

“If it is a pure imported memory foam, the service life should be more than 5 years. However, if the talc powder is added to increase the density and weight, the quality of the pillow is poor, usually only 1 to 2 years.” “And, most of the chemical additives have odors, and long-term use is harmful to the human body,” Mr. said.

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