Hangzhou fashion boutique to send 'Maigouer' coffee silk 'grand investment!

China Hangzhou Yi Cheng Garments Co., Ltd., is a professional design, production, marketing as one of the strength of the Hang-school women's enterprises. The company has a number of high-quality design talent and management personnel, with an area of ​​10,000 square meters of logistics center and the image of the exhibition center, each year the design, development of up to as many as 10,000 kinds of models. In production management, sales management, quality management, and so on, are implemented in the network, especially in the production quality management, the company of "quality of survival," each of the products to implement strict testing.


Companies with a high starting point, low-cost brand strategy and steady progress of the franchise model to open up the market, the implementation of a win-win-joining franchise strategy, with top marketing planners, to provide ahead of the franchisee accurate market information to protect the agents , Franchisee's security operations. Companies to promote new international advanced management mode, "100% zero inventory" sales, effectively maintaining the agents, franchisees regional image of the interests.

Marketing network has been secondary shooting the country, now has 26 provincial-level agents, opening stores, counters and more than 300 members, one into a business with outstanding market performance in the unique style of women in Hangzhou.

The company has first-line brand "Ming Xiang Liu," "Nan Zhu Guyu," Qing Yi, ladies, casual, stylish style, the pragmatism and fashion blend. Japanese version of the type of management, quality, so that each piece of goods become a boutique. Under the protection of the first-class production technology, the brand " Caopu " has a rich style of Europe and South Korea. The overall brand effect is effectively improved and the market is segmented to efficiently optimize the investment interests of all agents. Korean women's wear brand Maigouer (Mai Moulun), stylish, sophisticated, elegant and simple, the latest Korean fashion trends, fashion elements and Oriental charm in one, ingenious design and create a unique style and extraordinary taste. Brand "Jane bamboo" franchisees for the return of first-class merchandise sales of the secondary sales, the use of the latest marketing concepts to fill the gaps in the apparel logistics market, a huge logistics guarantee so that dealers never had worries.

Yicheng look forward to working with domestic and foreign companies interested in garment trade people work together for a better future!

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