Hanger Women's 2015 Winter New Winter Story

Hanger Women's 2015 winter new listing. My dear, the cold wind eventually blows through the earth. Work and life do not stop because of the fallen leaves. It also cannot prevent you from completing your work and enjoying life efficiently. Because you love yourself, love life, love this winter day...

Look for a no rainy afternoon

Go to a date with costumes,

Love the warm fabric,

Then spend sweet winter days with it.

A space where one is alone.

Finally I can let my thoughts flow freely.

Using that moment of silence,

To pay attention to the needs of the inner self,

Experience the fine and beautiful life.

The highlight of life is:

Different places play different roles.

Just outside the window:

Maybe it's silence, maybe neon flashes,

The "uniqueness" of birth due to differences in time, space, and roles.

It also surprises life.

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