Guangzhou Xiaowei Garment Enterprises can receive 1 million to 2 million lines of credit

Yesterday, the 2011 (2nd) Guangzhou Apparel Culture Week Summit Forum and Awards Ceremony sponsored by Guangzhou Daily and Guangzhou Clothing Industry Chamber of Commerce was held in Guangzhou. Corporate representatives, designers’ representatives, experts and scholars blew together “Guangzhou Maimai”. To the fashion capital" assembly number. At the SME meeting, which was plagued by complications, it received the “best awesome gift”. Guangzhou Minsheng Bank (600016) Yuehua Sub-branch announced that it will provide 100 to 2 million yuan of credit line to eligible SMEs to Guangzhou. The credit line of the member units of the City Clothing Industry Chamber of Commerce will also be greatly improved on the basis of one hundred million yuan. It will support the Guangzhou clothing brand to become bigger and stronger.

Yesterday’s summit forum gave “Guangzhou Top Ten Fashion Apparel Brands”, “Guangzhou Fashion Apparel Brands”, “Guangzhou Apparel Brands Excellent Entrepreneurs”, “Guangzhou Apparel Quality Integrity Manufacturers”, and “Guangzhou Garment Accessories High-Quality Integrity Suppliers”. "Guangzhou apparel fabric quality integrity providers" and other awards.

Relevant person in charge of Guangzhou Daily said that currently the garment industry in Guangdong Province has a large number of branded companies and brand-name products, and the production capacity, types, quality and grades of clothing have all achieved significant leaps. The forum brought together famous CEOs of Guangzhou clothing brands, experts in the field of industry, and famous designers in the Chinese garment industry (000902). The purpose is to explore how the apparel industry can enhance the level and enhance competitiveness in the current complex and volatile economic situation. Guangzhou clothing industry development plan.

In order to solve the problems of SMEs, the Minsheng Bank Branch of Guangzhou Minsheng Bank distributed the “most awesome” gift on the forum yesterday.

Wang Xiaowen, president of the bank, stated that the credit line granted to the member units of the Guangzhou Clothing Industry Chamber of Commerce last year was RMB 100 million. This amount will be greatly increased next year, from the capital to support the Guangzhou clothing brand bigger and stronger. In addition, Minsheng Bank has received wholesale bonds of 50 billion small and micro enterprises, and will enter the actual operation stage next month. Any member who has joined the Chamber of Commerce of the Garment Industry of Guangzhou for more than 2 years can obtain a credit line of RMB 100 million to 2 million. In addition, enterprises applying for ** need not claim joint guarantees, mutual guarantees, etc., but only need to protect themselves.

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