Good News: Set South Korean fashion Korean women's club Foshan Songgang signed a success!

Korea Korean fashion brand set Korea always give us a new surprise again and again set the Korean women's Foshan Songgang shop signed a success, it will be a gorgeous bloom. Korean family of this growing family, I believe it will certainly give us more different surprises, let us look forward to.


Set Korean fashion Korean women's brand to product as a fundamental, market-oriented and strong market demand for the development of products, products from the style, quality, price, style, and many other aspects of research to maximize cost-effective, strong and strong market share.

With accurate market positioning and consumer demand combined with the design style and humane management philosophy, prompting the brand to establish a few years to get rapid development, direct sales stores and franchise stores in all major cities in the country. "Set South Korea" brand has become a clothing industry, a rising bright pearl.


Korean fashion set Korea Korean women are currently full investment, joining, joint coexistence of a variety of modes, dealers across the country can pay more attention to set under the Korean number, in all cities and counties in Guangdong Province and the market place has nearly 200 stores.

Investment Advisory: Manager Zhao

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