GIOVANNI VALENTINO honor settled in Mount Emei, Sichuan: elegant elegant, gorgeous enjoy

Mount Emei, beautiful scenery, world-famous, "Xiqiu world" reputation, Li Bai made "Shu immortal mountain, Emei 邈 difficult match" of praise. September 1, 2014, the Italian brand GIOVANNI VALENTINO (Giovanni Valentino), a hundred years of brand-name settled in Mount Emei, Sichuan elegant, gorgeous enjoy, with its full of Italian royal lineage brand temperament, for the Sichuan elite to create a luxurious dress-up experience . The famous Italian designer Gianni Cinti, accustomed to inspired from different areas, especially from the arts, film and photography, he considered men's clothing is a group of elements, clothes design is a shape and color of the process of continuous quality. So, this concept of life and attitude throughout the design throughout, at the same time adding the fashion elements of the season, so that GIOVANNI VALENTINO clothing in style and elegance without lack of fashion. GIOVANNI VALENTINO classic fashion, business and leisure series of selected extreme fabrics, a symbol of Celebrities elite temperament, timeless classic design and exquisite craftsmanship show the brand's fine and noble, GIOVANNI VALENTINO has always insisted on the details of the delicate handling, the performance of unique brand The details of the characteristics, bringing luxurious, stylish atmosphere of life. The honor settled in Mount Emei, Sichuan, will set off a new revolution in the field of high-end men's luxury goods, helping Sichuan Mingshi enjoy self-confidence and high quality of life.

Dip Dye