Freebird fashion apparel settled in Hefei Parkson Shopping Center

Warmly celebrate the free bird fashion apparel settled in Hefei Parkson Shopping Center, consumers are welcome to visit the purchase. In the free bird store, with four major clothing line - Women's "OL white-collar series", "Metropolis vitality series"; Men's "Fashion Business Series", "Fashion Metropolis Series" to fully meet the people in the work, social, leisure, etc. All aspects of the needs of various fields, to create a fashion concept full of personality. This summer free bird costumes, dress with no worries.

Freebird has been designing the fashion that belongs to them for urban white-collar workers and creating the fashion that belongs to them. Free bird designers traveled the cradle of global apparel fashion, each season will bring the most popular information in Paris, Milan, New York, Tokyo, the international high-end fashion to your side; we introduce more than 1000 models Clothing, style and diversity, unlimited choice; we continue to invite Pei Bei and other supermodels interpretation of the latest design, the free bird's agile, delicate, elegant style to the extreme.


As the top ten famous brand apparel in Guangzhou, free bird costumes have always attached great importance to publicity and promotion. In the movie "Beijing Love Story" hit by the previous period, free bird costumes are favorably sponsored by both male and female costumes and even launched in the summer of 2014 With the same paragraph Beijing love clothing series, to meet the majority of handsome men and beauties chasing star beauty needs. Also let more people know free bird clothing. I believe in the near future, free bird clothing set will be the preferred brand of fashion people's clothing.

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