Female friends should be how to maintain a healthy breast life which should pay attention to

With the increasing pressure of work in women, the incidence of many diseases have been significantly increased, such as breast cancer. For their own health, Bo Mei poetry warm reminder of female friends should be more care of themselves, starting from everyday life.

"Smoking is harmful to health," the phrase enjoys popular support, smoking harm to the body is all-encompassing, but will Yang Kei weaker breasts. If you have smoking habits, in addition to quickly quit, you also need to add more vitamin C and collagen than other women. Repeated failure of female compatriots can try to extend the interval of two cigarettes, and eat an orange a day, do some effective compensation for their wrong behavior.

女性朋友应该如何保持乳房健康 生活中有哪些要注意

The most important thing is to maintain a good mood, Chinese medicine that depression, unhappy will make poor blood circulation, gathered in the breast, stomach and other places, leading to obstruction of the meridian, causing breast pain, so know how to relax and decompression is to ensure breast Important condition of health.

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