Faye Wong brand underwear full of women's charm

Hong Kong Yidai Li International Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, design, production and marketing of integrated underwear business, with 8,000 square meters of modern plants, more than 400 of Japan's most advanced production equipment, and a large number of professional at home and abroad Designers, senior management personnel and skilled staff of more than 700 people, so strong, fully protect the company " fiber Yan " product quality and fast in place after-sales service.


Intellectual woman like flowers quietly bloom, always exudes a touch of fragrance, regardless of the common Hawaiian rice terraced fields, or the Court of Peony luxury, are the same vein fragrant to the invincible intellectual; and elegant woman is yes Natural, personal, concise, reconciled, intellectual, and well-to-do are by no means the outward beauty alone, but an inward-looking wisdom reflected in the different conditions of life. Choi Yan choose bodywear underwear, so that the female friends show themselves, create a perfect, full of women's charm.

纤妍品牌内衣 尽显女性的魅力姿彩

1, business purposes:
Demand-oriented, service for the purpose of science and technology as the core to the medical background, high-quality character, customer-oriented
2, business philosophy: using technology innovation to lead the market, build long sales network to occupy the market with excellent quality service market, creating a new model to guide the market
3, the brand principle: people-oriented, customer first
4, service concept: to create five-star service standards (details of service)
5, the spirit of the company: mutual trust hand in hand, work together to create a win-win situation

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