Fashion women to keep up with the pace of fashion A large number of costumes for the MM who choose (Figure)

When the wholesale women's clothing wholesale network mall all the bags are their own factory production, direct from the factory retail terminals, reducing the middle part of the wholesalers. And because the Shizhan women's wholesale network Mall is for the national market, the monthly sales are large (until March 2009 when the wholesale sales of women's wholesale networks more than 300,000), the cost of a single product is reduced to a minimum. Quality Assurance: Each bag produced by our factory undergoes three quality inspections before entering the finished product warehouse. Moreover, before the product is delivered, the final QC of the finished product warehouse must also pass the final quality control to ensure product quality. Returns are simple: Where the time to send women's clothing wholesale mall order products, if there are obvious quality problems, from the customer sign within 3 days, will be responsible for the return or refund, and freight from the time to send the women's wholesale network company commitment.

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