Dream by poetry brand underwear with you to discover the true meaning of beauty

Speaking of beauty, this world has never been a lack of topic, as the saying goes, beauty of the heart of everyone, and beauty of women often know how to discover beauty. MOREASE underwear , with agile fashion sense, the perfect design and high-end materials, leading the pursuit of fashion in urban women in their colorful life to find their own beauty, to achieve a taste of life.


The target consumers of " Dream by Poetry " are the young urban white-collar women who have the style, the pursuit of quality and unique personality, the awareness of brand consumption, the care for themselves, and the change of trend. They have a certain cultural level and stable family income, and have a certain aesthetic ability, fashion and high-quality life has a persistent pursuit.

梦依诗品牌内衣 带你发现美的真谛

Every quarter new products have become the women's ardent expectations, the joy of many years of success did not let David Davis stop the pace, in order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market, while highlighting the dream of poetry in the product design and manufacturing strength.

Black Spandex is Aoshen® spandex yarn, AOSHEN brand is well known in China. Like lycra fabric, It`s an elastic fiber.

Black Spandex

Heat-resistant Black Spandex provides excellent processing properties to clients. Its elasticity and strength can remain above 80% after dyeing under 135℃.

Black SpandexBlack SpandexBlack Spandex


1. The dyeing temperature can reach 135℃, sacking time is less than 45min, terminal-setting temperature can 185℃,and the action time is less than 50s.

2. Can effectively prevent the spandex yarn from break during dyeing under high temperature.

3. Big elastic elongation, high intensity and good recovering effect.


Widely applied to knitting, weaving and covering, especially suit for socks and underwear with dark color.


Black Spandex

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