Dongshan Pearl Island has become one of the main producing areas of “Nanzhu”

Dongshan Pearl Island is located on the east coast of Dapeng Peninsula, south of “Qi Niang Mountain”, north of Dapeng O, and east of Daya Bay Central Islands. It is the only place in Shenzhen that produces sea pearls. In 1959, Dongshan Pearl Island built Dongshan Pearl Farm, one of the three state-owned marine aquaculture bases in China, and became one of the main producing areas of “Nanzhu”.

After years of development, Dongshan Pearl Island has formed a seaside leisure base integrating pearl culture and mariculture leisure experience. The island's pearl banquet, more than a dozen dishes are all related to pearls, can be described as "vegetables". Here, visitors can also visit the Daya Bay Marine Biological Specimen Showroom, which has coral, abalone, small shark, cuttlefish and other specimens. What makes citizens and children most interested is the pearl nursery room. Under the explanation of the staff, the tourists can understand the process of pearl production and unravel the mystery of the birth of the pearl, which is a great experience.

Dongshan Pearl Island also has marine fishing, speedboat sightseeing, beach bathing, and seaside barbecues. Mount Qi Niangshan, look at the big spicy island, orange fishing sand, etc., the mountains and sea, the beauty of the panoramic view.

Dongjiawan near Dongshan Pearl Island is a moon-shaped small bay. It can be reached by a 10-minute speedboat ride to this tranquil bay. It is a virgin land on Dapeng Bay.

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