Do you want to "lie" when doing business?

[China Glass Network] In the huge marketing army, there are various behavior habits, and there are also various business people survival theories, such as "lie theory." Some people say that they don’t lie to do business badly; some say that lying is a good faith lie for the other party; others say that many problems must lie because I can’t tell him the truth; others say that in order to achieve the goal Some things have to lie, otherwise there is no drama at all... Many newcomers to the market will be very uncomfortable and even confused. Do they have to lie when doing business?

Because most people believe in "the theory of lying," we must pay tribute to those who can communicate honestly. Even if your current business level is very low, your current performance is very poor, but please maintain good good faith, your performance will increase with the increase of experience and ability, without the need to lie (or good faith Lie) to reach the goal. My multi-year marketing experience has drawn the conclusion that you can do business without lying. Believe in yourself, if you have enough power, you can do things 100% honestly.

The difference between lying and selling skills is actually in reality. Many people confuse sales techniques with the concept of lying. Lying, simply saying that is not true. For whatever reason, as long as it is not true, it is called lying. Sales skills are an expression of sales ability and a work skill. Sales is the work of communication between people. The purpose is to make sense of reason, to move with emotion, to induce and benefit, including the control of customer psychology, product expertise, social common sense, expression ability and communication ability.

There is a clear distinction between lie and sales techniques, but in the marketing process, lie and sales skills are difficult to distinguish. For example, the company has approved a fee. Most salesmen may tell the dealer that this is the application after his efforts. He thinks that the dealer will thank him very much and the relationship will be different. A lot of things are going to talk about it later. Some people say that this is a skill to maintain the customer, but I think this is lying. Anyone wants to be a good person, get recognition and support from others, especially when doing business, sell personal feelings and hope to get the good feelings of the other party, and strive to achieve performance goals, but when we do this, what others think is not up to us. In fact, many people like this kind of trick are clear, so you may not be recognized by others. On the contrary, you get the resentment of others or more precautions, because he will think that you are more slippery.

In fact, the above situation is not necessary to deal with it, since everyone is already familiar with such small tricks. If it is me, I will truthfully inform the client about the relevant policies and tell him that no matter who is responsible for the work, there will be the same policy, but now the person who controls the executive power of this policy is me, then I will put forward my relevant requirements according to the specific situation. And conditions, of course, such requirements and conditions are not threats, but a more harmonious exchange. There are two advantages to doing this: First, it is good for him to explicitly tell the client that the matter is in his own right, but the executive power is in my hands, which also reminds him of what he should do. The second is to avoid the customer’s ambiguity. Dissatisfied behind the surface gratitude, you can make things clear and clear, so that customers will be more convinced, at least think that you are more realistic, not playing virtual.

How to lie down by doing business clerk is a common phenomenon. Some people often lie sometimes because of a habit, while others do not let the other party know about the information, or they are worried that the other party will have some information. Bad influence, but can't help answering the other's problems, you can only lie. No matter what reason they lie, their purpose is nothing more than three types: close the relationship, build a good feeling; exaggerate the facts, fight for the initiative; prevent each other and protect themselves. We may wish to think differently. Do you want others to communicate and communicate with us with "good faith lies"? What do you think if you find out? I believe that in addition to anger, you will be extremely disgusted and distrustful of each other.

Since you don't want others to lie to you, why should you treat others in this way!

For the salesperson, the goal is very clear - to complete the company's sales goals and tasks, so the final goal of the salesman's lies is to achieve the desired performance goals better and faster. How can I achieve my goals without lying? How can I do business better without lying? From years of business experience, I have summarized the following methods:

In the first place, we must be clear, what we must do to achieve the goal, summed up in six words: confidant, knowing each other, knowing him, that is, having a full understanding of themselves, the customer and the whole environment. analysis.

Second, when meeting with customers, they must be given clear answers and actual responses. Otherwise, they will be discovered by the customer during the implementation phase. Even if they can't change some realities at that time, the customer's judgment on us will be greatly reduced.

Third, build your own business label. At present, China's credit system is not perfect. Because of this, on some levels, the proliferation of lies is further aggravated, and it is even more important to create your own business labels. If you want to establish your own business brand, please stick to the principle of honesty and refusal to lie. Over time, your characteristics in this area will be recognized and accepted by more and more people. The so-called road will become wider and wider.

The method is simple, but it is hard to do. The salesman is a complicated group. In this highly competitive group, adhering to principles and insisting on seeking truth may face various pressures and difficulties. For example, if you don’t do it, others will do it. If you don’t say this, others will In this way, the customer may be someone else's. Therefore, it is very important for business people to establish what kind of communication value they have when communicating with customers. The fundamental point of communication is whether it is the communication between the heart and the heart, that is, whether you can communicate with the customer. If this is the case, the other party can feel it regardless of the form. Therefore, the salesperson should maintain a realistic communication concept and maintain a business brand with the customer's heart and mind.

The concept alone is not enough, and it needs to be reflected through specific behaviors:

In front of you, you can honestly introduce the information you should introduce, and the information should be true, systematic, and comprehensive.

Second, for the questions asked by the customers, you can give a clear answer to the questions you can answer. You can solve them in two ways: First, tell the other party that it is not convenient to disclose the information in this regard, and hope that the other party can understand; It is to avoid problems by means of roundabouts, and let customers try to figure out the whole situation.

Third, communication is two-way, and we can formulate targeted strategies to communicate according to the actual situation of customers.

In short, the information you provide is difficult for the competitors to provide, and it is also what the customer needs. If you meet these two conditions, you don't have to worry about "good faith lies." Many people think that this is very difficult to do, but I tell you that the first question is whether you agree with this kind of thinking and concept, and whether you can achieve "confidence, knowing oneself, knowing him", if you can do both When you get there, you will find it easy to find the answer.

As the saying goes: thought determines behavior, behavior determines habit, habit determines character, character determines fate. I also did it from the more junior street sweeping business. I really suggested my colleagues: to create a completely self-independent, honest salesman label and to be a well-marketed marketer.

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