[Circular Machine Column] The reason why some of the spandex breaks off after the dyeing of cotton and ammonia fabrics after weaving?

There are generally 3 reasons why this phenomenon may occur. They are raw materials, weaving and dyeing. When the spandex phenomenon occurs after dyeing and finishing, the fabric sample should be disassembled, and the breakage of the spandex should be carefully observed. If the cross section of the spandex yarn is saw-toothed, it means that the spandex yarn is damaged before dyeing and finishing, and the spandex is broken when the fabric is subjected to force during the dyeing and finishing process; if the spanning cross section of the spandex yarn is spherical, it is due to the spandex yarn when dyeing. There is a problem with the quality of the fusion or spandex itself.

1 Raw material issues

Different spinning methods, spandex performance differences are also relatively large, such as dry spinning spandex elongation is good, the recovery rate is slightly poor, while the wet spinning spandex is the opposite, the elastic elongation is poor, but the response rate is better . Therefore, the use of different brands of spandex yarn, we must first understand its characteristics, and then properly adjust the amount of spandex yarn during weaving, in order to avoid the phenomenon of broken spandex caused by weaving.

In addition, spandex is produced in different ways and its structure is also different. Spandex is a single wire from the surface, but it is actually composed of several wires. For example, the Hyosung brand of 4.4 tex (40 D) spandex is composed of three monofilaments. If one of them is broken during weaving It is not easy to find. This requires workers to force the cloth down on the opener and check the fabric carefully to see if there is a small bright spot. If there is, the phenomenon of spandex may be present.

Spandex is very sensitive to temperature, low temperature will reduce the strength of spandex, especially in the north, to maintain a certain temperature in the workshop, before the use of spandex to put the spandex in place where the temperature is higher, open the carton packaging, so that spandex Warm up first.

2 Weaving issues

In order to reduce costs, some customers blindly shorten the span length of spandex, so that the spandex filament in the fabric tension is too large, easy to break off when dyeing and finishing, therefore, the span length ratio of spandex and yarn is generally controlled at 1 : 3 or so.

Spandex damage can sometimes occur during weaving. This damage is undetectable to the naked eye after the machine has been removed, but the spandex breaks when dyed and finished. For example, the surface of the knitting needle is not smooth enough to scratch the spandex yarn, or the spandex yarn feeding position is incorrect, which causes the tip of the hook to pierce the spandex filament and damage the spandex, especially when weaving a relatively thick spandex filament.

In addition, if the oil on the device drops onto the surface of the cloth, it must be handled in a timely manner, otherwise the spandex filament will be broken during dyeing and finishing.

3 Dyeing and finishing problems

Spandex jersey fabric dyeing than the ordinary knitted fabric more than a predetermined shape of the process of gray fabric , the predetermined shape is to first gray cloth according to the finished fabric width and g quality requirements before dyeing a shape, the process of spandex filament damage Great. Because the spandex temperature of the spandex filament is about 135°C, if the setting speed and temperature of the setting machine are not good, the spandex phenomenon will easily occur.

In addition, if the fabrics are treated with bio-enzymes and the fabrics are reworked, the spandex phenomenon will also easily occur during the dyeing and finishing process.

In short, there are many reasons for breaking spandex, but the predetermined shape of the grey fabric is the most critical, and the temperature and speed of the shaping must be well mastered. In addition, the width and the quality of the master should also pay attention to, if the length of the veil coil is longer, the finished product quality is relatively light, we must appropriately lengthen the amount of spandex yarn when weaving, so it will not be in the form of The spandex is broken. In addition, once the process is determined, do not change the brand of spandex frequently so that the quality of the spandex can be guaranteed. In addition, the determination of spandex content should not be based on other factories, but it must be based on their own use of spandex yarn to explore their own experience, but also in accordance with the performance of spandex in the weaving accordingly increase or decrease the content of a little spandex to avoid Spandex occurs.

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