Chinese shoe industry "buyers" economy urgently needs to accelerate development

Chinese shoe industry "buyers" economy urgently needs to accelerate development In today's increasingly diversified brand economy, the professional role of "buyers" quietly responds to the market. What is a "buyer"? What is the prospect of the "buyers" economy? Undoubtedly, it has become a new topic for marketing experts. As far as the current market economic situation is concerned, the concept of "buyers" is obviously still somewhat confusing. Just as the use of professional terminology to resolve the term "buyers" is equivalent to what we usually call corporate fashion buyers or market information officers, that is, those who can predict the trend of the latest market trends and trends anytime, anywhere, to master large quantities of orders and The most advanced professional who conducts series transactions with suppliers to meet the needs of target groups in certain areas to the greatest extent.

Focus on the major fashion hot spots in Paris, London and New York. The role played by buyers in this area is indeed not to be underestimated. According to Prof. Franc of the United States, these fashionable cities benefit from the accurate prediction of international buyers and the implantation of fashion design elements, and they usually create new products that meet the latest international trends in advance. From this we can see that "buyers" have become the link for design and marketing, and its trend of aesthetics and market positioning must always run through the digital core of brand development. Here we look at the brand development of the footwear industry, "market trend" has always been the positioning factor of brand design and development, and "buyers" this market-oriented group, to some extent, is obviously It can provide a clearer reference for brand innovation. But beyond that, we should also clearly realize that this "buyer" economy has a very different speed from the "imitation model" economy. Especially in the “speed” winning market environment, shoe companies should increase the speed of response to market demand, it is also possible to leverage “buyers” to shorten the time to market, and thus can also make the market resources more fully optimized Integration.

Talking about the types of buyers in the footwear market, it can be divided into business buyers, individual buyers, brand buyers, shop buyers, hunters, and probers. Their common feature is to be responsible for purchasing products to ensure sales, and responsible for the timely distribution of good goods and inventory processing, but also to make good product promotion and display display implementation. One of the concepts we have to talk about here is "procurement." As we all know, "purchasing" is a professional that collects and buys raw materials or accessories throughout the shoe industry, and is common in shoe enterprises. The above-mentioned "buyers" and "purchasing" are obviously very different. Here, we should also make it clear that most of the domestic shoe purchases are only on the execution level of raw material procurement, while the buyers are on the purchase of finished shoes and the planning and information tracking of this shoe brand market. Similar to the shoe manager's product manager. But although buyers are very important, not all shoe companies must implement such a buying system. Objectively speaking, those shoe companies with strong R&D capability or advanced logistics capabilities do not pay much attention to this so-called buying policy requirement. According to the data survey of the domestic footwear market, it takes a certain period and development for the brand buyer system to be compatible with the designer system. This is an objective requirement of the market sales system.

It is true that with the development of fashion in the footwear brand market, the idea of ​​"buyers first" is gradually penetrating into the core of the development of shoe enterprises. In response to this, many domestic shoe business operators have started to focus on or test new developments in the development of “buyers” based on the actual situation of their own business development, or from scale to refinement or to integrate this into designers. In the system, because only such shoe companies can make more efforts to force high-end market construction. At the same time, we also demand that the “buyers” economy of the footwear industry can open up a brand new fashion blue ocean with a more unique personality in the new round of market competition.

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