Children's shirts how to wear a shirt with what pants to open what brand of children's clothing is good

Children's wear is now the most market, and now the children's clothing market this piece of cake has been the people of berserk, no matter what the opening of clothing stores are not as good as children's clothing store, Millet House children's wear your personality choice, millet house children's clothing is based on personality Cool, trendy style-oriented, fashion to bring children's personality, today to see the children's wear with the Milky Way bar with it. Children shirt style, shirt for everyone now is no stranger to, and this shirt is the use of cotton fabric irregular stripes embellishment, coupled with a light-colored cowboy "fill" hole design, trendy Dress up, little boy dress up is absolutely very dazzling. Shirt with style, comfortable fabric corduroy fabric wear, stitching style design, yellow and light green, light blue, three colors with the lower body does not stop brightly colored embellishment, leisure blue nine points Pants with the overall bright color embellishment, how can it not tide?

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