Brief description of the unique jade


The mining area of ​​Duyu is located in the “Dushan” in the northern suburbs of Nanyang City, also known as “Nanyangyu”.

The unique jade is plagioclase jade, the texture is fine and pure, with grease or glass luster, good polishing performance, transparent and more than three colors to form multi-color jade, bright color, hardness greater than 6.5.

The main varieties are: white jade, green jade, green white jade, purple jade, topaz, hibiscus ruby, ink jade and variegated jade. The unique jade mining has a long history. The Neolithic Longshan culture jade axe unearthed from Shenmu Dendrobium in Shaanxi Province and the Yuan Dynasty “Yushan Dayuhai”, which is now displayed in the Beijing Beihai Park Mission City, are all unique.

The mining of the unique jade has been quite large in the Han Dynasty. Up to now, there are more than one thousand ancient jade mines in the Dushan of Nanyang. It can be seen that the mining of the unique jade has a long history, the scale is flourishing, and the variety is abundant. .


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