Autumn sexy with a word collar bee waist jacket PK deep V-neck shirt which you prefer?

Sexy can have different manifestations, not the more exposed is sexy, and sometimes can be conservative, as long as the ability to properly demonstrate the inherent and its own advantages, that is the sexy beauty. With Xiaobian next to take a look at the autumn word collar bee shirt and deep V-neck shirt with a sexy look, look which is more suitable for your taste!


This dark gray collar bee waist shirt not only allows girls to show a very small, but also show incense shoulder and clavicle, exudes a sexy charm, but not significant frivolous. And the bee waist version to get out of the bumpy curve, with the jeans on the pants, feet wearing a pair of black high heels, intellectual and atmosphere.

秋日性感搭配 一字领蜂腰上衣PK深V领上衣你更喜欢哪款?

Dark green shirt, deep V collar design set off a fiery bimodal, even your flat-necked family does not matter, in the waist on the body designed to make the chest look more plump, but also suck the eye. With a simple black skirt + black high heels, even more attractive.

Photo credit: Belem Women

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