A way often used in streetlight remote control systems

The feasibility of the construction of street lamp monitoring system. The feasibility of communication uses wireless channels in the following ways. The advantages and disadvantages are as follows: 1) Hire digital data network, which is a data transmission network that uses communication to transmit data signals, and can provide users with a dedicated data transmission channel. However, the data network is also susceptible to data communication control in terms of cost of use and smooth use. 2) The advantages and disadvantages of renting a GSM wireless mobile network are the same as renting a data network. 3) To set up a dedicated streetlight monitoring communication network, you only need to apply for a dedicated communication channel to the local wireless management committee, and then set up an omnidirectional high-gain antenna in the control center. The monitoring terminal can set up a radio station. This communication method is not subject to external control. The communication radius can also be gradually expanded by setting the mailbox in the monitoring terminal, so it is a method often selected by the streetlight remote control system.

The feasibility of the equipment Street lighting monitoring system is a high-tech system engineering that integrates computer technology, modern communication technology, detection technology and automatic control technology. 1) The rapid development of modern computer technology, the performance and reliability of the computer, whether it is hardware or software, has been greatly improved, enough to meet the requirements of long-term stable operation of the street lamp monitoring system. 2) Wireless data communication technology has matured, and the requirements of reliability, price, volume, and use environment can be met. 3) Various types of current and voltage detectors have also been developed to be miniaturized, intelligent, and highly reliable. It can fully meet the requirements of long-term normal operation of the street lamp monitoring system.

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