A new era of brand marketing: no need for nonsense

Grasp the main points and express everything in a concise manner. Einstein once said: "People should try their best to make things simpler, and simple ones are not enough." In our opinion, this sentence also applies to marketers.

For consumers or manufacturers, the responsibility of marketers is to make this increasingly complex world simple and help them avoid complex choices.

In the past, consumers preferred large-scale production because they knew that the goods they bought were exactly the same as the other products produced by the factory. At that time, the brand name represented consistency and predictable quality assurance.

Quality was once considered a more important factor. For a period of time, quality has become an aspect of brand differentiation. However, quality is now becoming a necessary factor in brand building, and quality will become a topic of discussion only when there is a problem with the product.

Now, we live in the post-quality era. Consumers no longer use quality as a basis for purchase----they think that competitive products will not have any flaws. This idea is correct; they expect to see new changes, if for some reason, some If a manufacturer or marketer can cheer up, there will be changes.

Mass production has lost its competitive edge, and the practice of maintaining a large scale to enjoy economies of scale has also been cast aside.

A cruel reality is also in front of it: the mass media no longer has the masses; the era dominated by product-use propaganda has quietly passed, and we must provide advice and opinions that no other company has – that is, value!

In the new era of brand marketing, there is no need for a bunch of nonsense, a lot of rhetoric! All we have left is the simple and concise style of appealing expression---using the language and genes of consumers.

We need to make unprecedented efforts, easy to implement, focus on the ideas and methods that are easy for customers to accept, and deliver your company's information to busy customers. A variety of seamless brand communication methods are essential.

How to let customers put down other things, paying attention to your brand marketing information will be a big challenge.

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