80 version 50 yuan price over 3000

"I heard that the fourth edition of the *** has been turned over a few times!" "I have a few red fifty pieces in my house. Is that valuable?" ... Recently, Yueyang City's coin collection has reached a climax and can often be heard. Dialogue between investors. The reporter learned from Yueyang coins that with the booming investment boom this year, coin prices have also undergone great changes. The previous few tens of dollars can now be converted into luxury villas. For example, the first set of *** has now reached more than 4 million sets, and four sets of *** have also reached more than 7,000 sets each.

Coin market prices have doubled. “The recent numismatic currency gains are quite fierce. Look at the 99 editions of the 100 editions. From July to now, there have been 20, and now the list price is one hundred and three.” The public Mr. Zhang is very happy and just started to get involved. Collection, on the seeing the value of the collection rise, "If I become more familiar, I will collect more."

The reporter learned from the Yueyang coin market that the recent increase in the price of coins has led to a price increase of several times compared with the face value. According to reports, the first set of *** due to more editions, not only high prices, the highest collection prices, has now reached more than 400 million sets, while the second set of *** is now also reached more than 500,000 sets. In addition, the current third and fourth sets of *** collections are also worth more than 80,000 yuan and 7,000 yuan each. In addition to the traditional currency collections, there are also some special currencies that are popular among the people. The increase in value is particularly striking. “Now 805, 902, 8010 have a lot of people to consult and buy, but 805 is our best selling here.” According to Luo, manager of the stone coin and gift shop, the 80-spot value of 50 yuan has now reached 3,000 yuan. Each piece, while the 80 version of 100 yuan face value is 1,500 yuan per piece. “The commemorative banknotes are also very popular, like the first commemorative banknote since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the 50th anniversary of the founding of the country’s commemorative banknotes (50 yuan in value), and the current market value has also reached more than 300 yuan per sheet. The second commemorative coin to greet the new century Dragon banknotes (face value of 100 yuan) only last year more than 300, the current market price has reached 3,000 yuan per sheet, of which two Siamese reached more than 20,000. Manager Luo said that the Olympic banknotes began soaring early this year, quiet for months After the recent re-starting, the current price has reached as high as RMB 6,000. “Now the average currency is still relatively full, but the supply of special currencies is in short supply. There is a market, price, and there is no goods, such as Olympic money. ”

According to industry sources, Shengshi has a collection of “Golden Age Play Collections, which is a development trend.” Mr. Jia, who has many years of experience collecting coins, stated that “the people’s money is more than they can put into banks, and they must be effectively and rationally configured. For example, investing in stocks, making collections, investing in fixed assets, etc. Collections have always been a preferred form of investment for the Chinese, and due to the recent downturn in the stock market, funds flowing out of the stock market are likely to be transferred To the collectors' community.” “The citizens need to be careful when they are collecting.” Mr. Jia said that although the Tibetans who have collected coins have not suffered losses in recent years, with the gradual enlargement of the coin market, investment will also have certain risks. “The *** collection is the same kind of 'slow-heat' investment as other investment collections. It is not realistic to expect that profits will be obtained in the short term; if it is held for a long time, it is a return to the nature of collections, and values ​​can gradually be reflected. "Mr. Jia also reminded new players that collections must be carefully and carefully." For example, the price of a leaf in a single currency will be higher than that of a normal leaflet. For example, if you want to identify the authenticity of a collection, it is because **In the collection, there are **distributions; in addition, we must look at the system and the version circulation time. The shorter the general circulation time, the more collectible the value is; the other is to look at the version, for example, the fourth 80th edition because it is the design version. It is more collectible; in addition, look at the appearance of coins, that is, old and new, to see if there are any problems such as “watermarks”, “creases”, “washing”, etc., and there will be slight differences in the appearance of the products. The prices will also be very different.

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