Brief description of the unique jade

The mining area of ​​Duyu is located in the “Dushan” in the northern suburbs of Nanyang City, also known as “Nanyangyu”. The unique jade is plagioclase jade, the texture is fine and pure, with grease or glass luster, good polishing pe

PRADA Prada Menswear 2016 Milan Menswear Week Show

PRADA Prada Menswear 2016 Milan Menswear Weekly Show Fields Delicate tailoring and design always make Prada unique, of course, this season, Prada also blew up the short wind. Polyester Coral Fleece FabricCoral Fabric,Coral Fleece,Coral Velvet,Coral Upholstery FabricShaoxing Kexin Textile&Carpet Co.

Ecological Textiles

(I) Ecology of textile production Textile production ecology studies the effects of textile production processes on humans and the environment as well as detection techniques and control methods. It includes labor safety, the consumption of materials, water and energy, sewage and garb